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Edible real mix bugs come with a variety of bug snacks including ingredients are giant waterbugs, diving beetles, big black crickets and sago worms seasoned with salt. Mixed bugs are not fried although they are boiled and dehydrated.

Edible real bugs contain nutritional content that can be a healthy and an excellent source of protein, fat, energy and minerals. Insect protein can be very fruitful for your health.
WHAT WE PROVIDE: You get here boiled and dehydrated mixed bugs for humans in the package which has 32. There are no artificial coloring and preservatives used. Edible mixed bugs are carefully boiled and dehydrated.

Edible mixed bugs is a perfect way to expose students to different cultures around the planet. All of our insect candy and snacks are made with great care, using only completely edible farm-raised insects that make them great fun food gifts.

We carefully process our edible insects for humans during the process of dehydrated and cooking to ensure that they last for up to 6 months to ensure they’re fresh and tasty when you received them.

Flavor name: Beef

Unit count type: Ounce



Unit count type



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